Pet Peeves #1: Favicons

I want to hear about your pet peeves! (we need a sequel…) illustrated by A. McNamee and riso printed at Outlet.

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cover: Pet peeves number 1. ID: annoyed looking woman with bangs and a green cardigan frowning.
page 1: the cover image rolls up as if on a projector screen. "when people use website builders and they don't change the browser icon." The woman points at the generic browser icons for Wix and Squarespace. Page 2: a second person with glasses says "they're called faviocons" the woman responds, "that's a terrible name!! That's why no one talks about them."
page3: "it makes websites look so unprofessional. It takes two minutes to change." Smaller, at the bottom of the page: "and now we all know you overpay for your website builder." Page 4: the woman holds a large sign that says "possible replacements" then shows 9 possible favicon options including a simple colored square, a superman S and a smiley face. At the bottom of the page there's an error symbol with text that says "or anything else, except this."
Page 5 and 6: the two characters are shown with favicons reflecting in their eyes gazing at full browsers with identical favicons. The woman says: "thw worst part is, we all have browsers full of identical tabs." Shouting: "How could you have the power to change it and just standby?"
back cover: the woman lies on her stomach with her legs crossed, she's wearing clogs, the back of her cardigan says I love favicons. @allia_makes and @audmcname Jan 2024